Last night I was trying to think of a Christmas message for this blog to show my feelings to you all and to send you my wishes. Right as i was searching for a suitable picture and thinking about the right words, I received this e-card from a friend.


I was struck by the simplicity and power of the message because that is exactly how I feel myself about this friend and about you who are reading this because I have invited you to, and about you who are reading this and may also one day get to know me through a comment on my blog, through Twitter, by sharing information and interacting with me, on Facebook, by being my friend and staying in touch, by meeting in Second Life where I am beginning to be a “regular” with a network of educator friends who teach and train.


The friend who sent this to me is part of my PLN (Personal Learning Network) and you can read a lot about this on the web but this morning’s reading is going to beShelly Terrell’s beautiful poston the same topic; she expresses her feelings and my own so well.

As I write these lines, I am listening toa lecture delivered by Noam Chomskywhich was tweeted by@kipyellowjacket. Weird? Well, each to their own and to me that’s the most normal thing in the world….

I’m laughing at@carolrainbow‘s joke (Question “What are Santa’s helpers called?”…..Answer: “Subordinate Clauses”) …Yeah, yeah, I know this may not sound funny to the rest of the world, but to me and to my friends in English Language teaching and education it’s a fabulous pun! (Even my brother thinks I’m weird, so what else is new?)

I am looking at myFacebook pagewith its shower of hearts and Christmas trees and small notes from friends to show me they are connected with me and I think what a wonderful year this has been and how my life and my learning has been enriched  by all of you and of how much more I have to look forward to!

Have a Wonderful Christmas, a Fabulous 2010 and please stay connected!

Without all of you around, life would not be so much fun, learning would not be half as exciting and I do need you all!

Special thanks to all those who engaged me in the first place and it is now my turn to try and engage as many as I can.


My Christmas Stocking is up but I feel it’s already full so Santa and his Subordinate Clauses will really have a hard time squeezing in their (very expensive I hope) gifts to me!!!

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