talk1This is a quick post to publish the links and some of the videos shown to the members of TESOL Greece who attended my talk on March 15.

With apologies to readers who were not present at this talk (if this doesn’t make sense to them)

In the first part of my talk we looked at what online teaching involved and the types of learning situations it might be most appropriate with; then we looked at different types of virtual classrooms where I had some great examples of online lessons in Elluminate very kindly supplied to me by Heike Philips to whom I owe a great big thanks! (These examples cannot be shown here).  Below you can see a quick example of some of the things you can do with Vyew, a short screencast I did myself (no Russell Stannard stuff, so please be lenient!)

Example with Vyew

Second Life was also mentioned and as my audience was not familiar with it at all, I tried to show them some examples of lessons as well a short interview which Heike Philp was kind enough to give me the day before.

Second Life & Inteview with Heike Philp

Finally, we looked at different ways in which teachers can promote themselves by joining online learning outfits (listed below) or creating their own promotional material, networking, online CVs, etc..  The examples which follow – of promoting Modern Greek Courses in Second Life – are the result of the EVO course I recently followed and I have not yet used them on my own website, but they were shown as samples of what is possible.

Modern greek in second life promotion material

An example of an online brochure made with Yudu

An example of a promotional video

The promotional video above icludes a few moments of my first ever time teaching a foreign language in Second Life; Heike Philp recorded this lesson and used a few scenes as well as screenshots and various messages. This project was part of an EVO course which I followed with Heike as course leader on learning about promotion tools for online or offline work.

Outline of the talk and related useful Links

  • Online Classroom Spaces – Where you can teach online





Second Life

Mindmap (a great mindmap which is still under construction!)

  • Wikis, nings and other tools – Ways of Supporting Online Learning

Class blogs  wordpress. Edublogger, Blogger

  • Online Learning Outfits –  How to Promote yourself & find students



Languages out there




Here are the slides I used during my presentation

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