I am delighted to have received this award, which is part of an initiative called “Vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog”, which means “It’s worth keeping an eye on this blog”. The chosen blog has to copy the picture above, with a link to the blog from which it has received the award . Then write ten more links to the blogs which you think are well worth a visit. They in turn if they would like to, of course, copy the image above and link to 10 blogs, which shouldn’t be the ones I have chosen below. I was linked into this project by Eva Buyuksimkesya  through her  blog A Journey in TEFL. I would like to thank Eva for including my Edublog in this lovely initiative.

Here is Eva’s list of favorities which I am not supposed to repeat – but do please check them out as she was there first and put in some of my favorites, too!

Here is my list of 10 blogs which I think are definitely worth having a look at:

  1. That ‘SLife –  Gavin Dudeney
  2. Jeremy Harmer’s Blog
  3. Tao Te(a)ching   –  Diarmuid Fogarty
  4. A-Z   –   Scott Thornbury
  5. Daily English Activities – Nik Peachey
  6. Nik’s Quick Shout  Nik Peachey
  7. Lathophobic Aphasia  –  Stephen Bower
  8. TEFLtastic – Alex Case
  9. Anna Begonia’s Blog
  10. Free Technology for Teachers – Robert Byrne

As you see, my list of favorites is a real mixture and I am sorry I have no more items left but do please check my blogroll to get an idea of the rest!

Thank you Eva and I am passing it on!


Many thanks to the following bloggers who mentioned this blog in their lists

The PLN Staff Lounge by Sue Lyon Jones – United Kingdom  – Twitter ID  @esolcourses

A Journey in TEFL by Eva Buyuksikesyan – Turkey – Twitter ID @evab2001

Anna Begonia’s Blog by Antonella Berriolo – Spain  – Twitter ID @aberriolo

English Raven Weblog by Jason Renshaw – Australia Twitter ID @englishraven

Authentic Teaching by Willy C . Cardoso – Brazil  Twitter ID @willycard

Linguistic Consultancy by Marisa Pavan – Argentina   Twitter ID @Mtranslator

Vicky Lora’s Blog by Vicky Loras – Greece – Twitter ID  @vickyloras

Sabrina’s Weblog by Sabrina De Vita – Argentina – Twitter ID  @sabridv

So, the thread connects us all from different parts of the world in a great PLN which supports, informs and shares their learning. I am very happy to be part of it and thanks again to all who saw something in this blog and included it in their “Top 10” !

Follow their blogs and follow the other bloggers on their lists as well – you have so much to gain and nothing to lose!

And do also follow them on Twitter!

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