A friend got me a little worried earlier this week – she said “I almost never have anything to add to your posts” and wondered what it is that others do to generate comments.

Should I be worried? Is there something that I am doing wrong? If so, how can I do better?

My worry lasted only a few minutes but still I thought I should ask my readers who don’t leave a comment, to leave a comment (yes!, isn’t that an odd sentence!) telling me why they do not leave comments on my blog!!!!!

Afterthoughts – added after first three comments

Lack of time is a factor which I recognise myself, or not having something significant to add, other than “nice post’, so I have no issue with this.

The conversation I had was about the necessity of having your posts commented on, for the ‘dialogue’ and I was wondering in a general, sort of rather aimless way, stuff like

  • do all our posts have to raise controversies
  • when is a blog post a post and not an article
  • why does it matter if no one comments
  • is a post non-commented less worthy than a heavily commented post

I know this is a bit of contemplating the perennial blogging navel, but may be someone out there has some answers?

Is what I’m doing in this post which has generated 3 comments already more worthy than some of my other posts… Or is it not… because at least a hundred eyes have seen this post so far and only 3 have had the time to make a comment.


Is the bloggosphere getting a little bit too much to handle, as Lindsay says, and are comments the mutual grooming expected to maintain it?

Does this sound like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City?

It Β probably does and it is probably equally insignificant….. πŸ™‚

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