Disabled-Access Friendly

Disabled-Access Friendly

My blog has sported the Disabled-Access Friendly Logo for quite some time now. But I have been feeling that, apart from that, I haven’t been doing much about the problems of disabled people.

My own culture has a short tradition of being friendly to people with disabilities of all kinds, physical or mental.

Watch this video reporting the current situation in Greece.

This blog challenge  hopes to stimulate  language  teachers- whether they are teaching English as a Foreign Language or  not –  to produce  activities and lessons aiming to raise disability awareness in their learners.

We do need to  students to create a society which is more disabled friendly,  does not hide its disabled children in sheds or basements and allows them to lead a full life where moving around and accessing services, employment or education opportunities are not considered something special, but natural givens.

Inviting Bloggers to Participate

The blog challenge aims to encourage bloggers to contribute lesson ideas for the foreign language classroom which will be aimed at younger learners and teens and which will promote the concept of a disabled-friendly world where people who have mobility issues can have easy access to services, places of learning, public and private spaces easily and safely.

You can get involved too!

  • Join the Disabled Access-Friendly Group on Facebook
  • Share lesson ideas and links
  • Take part in this blog challenge
  • Raise awareness in your students. The pupils and teens of today may be the decision makers of tomorrow!

Inaugural Blog Post Announcement

Dr.Luke Prodromou

Dr.Luke Prodromou

To launch this challenge, I have invited Dr.Luke Prodromou to write a blog post which he has agreed to do with great eagerness as he is very much involved  in promoting this cause and is already working with Paul Shaw and others who started to group on Facebook.

At present, they are collecting material which will be uploaded on the website which is being designed to house it and make it accessible to teachers:  http://www.disabled-accessfriendly.com

There are already many teachers who are trying to create a bank of materials to this end.

Your posts will be listed and presented both on this blog as well as on the website. More details about this will be announced later.

To get you started, here is a great lesson plan which I found by browsing the Greek Disabled Access-Friendly page on Facebook

Put this Challenge on your front burner!

… and make your students imagine and see how the world would be different and how they can be a part of this too.

Background Post

Blog Posts In the Challenge

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