This is a response to many  readers and trainees who talk about the frequent frustration befalling newly (or not so “newly”…) trained teachers finding themselves teaching in an environment where their training is not only not appreciated, but actually seen either as undesirable or as a threat.

Source – CELT photos


On the opposing camp, I hear many Twitter friends who are administrators bemoaning the lack of passion, enthusiasm and, on occasion, technical knowledge of the skills of teaching  in educators.

How can these two groups be drawn together?

One of the key factors, the climate which prevails in an educational institution of any kind, is very often determined by school leadership,  be that a Director of Studies or Academic Coordinator.  But do all directors of studies have the leadership qualities which will create the right microclimate? 

Here is a questionnaire to make you think about the kind of environment you are working in or have created for yourself or for others – whoever you are, teacher or school owner, its aim is to make you think and, then, hopefully, act in a positive way microclimate


I hope to be able to send this as a survey questionnaire to teachers soon.

Please let me know what you think about this idea which is an adaptation from an earlier work by Guildford on the question of identifying the microclimate of an institution generating creativity in the ELT classroom.


Guilford, J.P., 1968, Intelligence. Creativity and their Educational Implications. San Diego, Robert R. Knapp Publications

Source – CELT photos

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