A hard choice since I follow so many great bloggers – but a choice had to be made and here are my nominations for the Edublog Awards 2010

  • Best individual blog Scott Thornbury’ Blog An A-Z of ELT for generating some of the richest and greatest discussions in the blogosphere and for changing the role of blogs into a shared exchange of ideas on teaching and learning.
  • Best individual tweeter I am going to nominate someone whose tweets I always look forward to and who always shares valuable resources, a great smile and her amazing voice when the opportunity arises! That person is Sue Lyon Jones or @esolcourses – http://twitter.com/esolcourses on Twitter.
  • Best group blog This year, I would like to nominate Digital Play, a great blog written by Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer. I am not very good at most of the games they highlight, but I find their lesson plans and ideas absolutely fabulous!!! The pedagody behind them is very strong and, well, I think it’s just a great resource.
  • Best new blog Emma Herrod‘s new blog fits the bill of best new kid on the block for me.. It’s got a great look and great posts and an attitude all its own 🙂
  • Best resource sharing blog Robert Byrne’s Free Technology for Teachers is my choice this year – there is so much to learn from this blog I just don’t have enough hours in the day to go through it all
  • Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion #ELTchat
  • Best teacher blog A prolific blogger I admire very much; he is not afraid to have his say and he shares great ideas and free materials. That is Jason Renshaw and his English Raven Blog
  • Best educational tech support blog This one must go (as far as I am concerned) to Nik Peachey and his great blogs: I will choose his Learning Technology Blog
  • Best educational use of audio For this category I shall choose the great podcasts produced by Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab a great collection of lessons easy to use and divided by level – I suggest it to all my trainees
  • Best educational use of video / visual Teacher Training Videos created by Russell Stannard for all the great videos he shares and the free tutorials which make difficult tools look very easy
  • Best educational wiki http://biz-e-tech-training.pbworks.com/w/page/5929154/FrontPage maintained by members of BESIG and, notably, Carl Dowse. It’s a great resource for BE and not only!
  • Best educational podcast #ELTchat podcasts every week published on http://eltchat.com/
  • Best educational webinar series The 3rd Virtual Round Table is the best collection of webinar series and it’s a great and joyous event shared by many educators – thanks to Heike Philps and all the co-roganizers.
  • Best educational use of a social network EFL Classroom 2.o must be one of the richest and friendliest to teachers nings for communicating and resource sharing – thanks to David Deublebeiss
  • Best educational use of a virtual world SLanguages 2010 is a great annual virtual conference in Second Life and this year it was carried off with great finesse and featured some excellent talks and experiences of learning languages in a Virtual World
  • Lifetime achievement David Crystal who blogs at DCBLOG and who always makes me think about language in a new way; his writings clarify and his thinking is always fresh and unbiased by academia, although I consider him one of the top scholars of our time.

Best of luck to all my nominees !

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